Volume I, Number 2

Volume 1, No. 2                                                                           Fall 1989


St. Thomas Aquinas and Charles Hartshorne’s Process Philosophy

Steven Baldner


Subject, Unity and Method in Aristotle’s Metaphysics

Hippocrates G. Apostle


Galileo, Aristotelian Science, and the Rotation of the Earth

Eric Reitan, O.P.


Afterthoughts on My Carus Lectures: Philosophy as Anthropology

Hilary Putnam


Ross, Promises and the Intrinsic Value of Acts

Susan K. Brennan


7+5=12: Analytic or Synthetic?

Ronald Keith Tacelli, S.J.


‘Intuition Pumps’ and Contemporary Philosophy

Laurie MacLean-Tollefsen


Some Reflections on Contemporary Epistemology

Olaf Tollefsen


A Publication of the

Saint Anselm Philosophy Club