Volume XI, No. 1 (Fall 2009)

Volume XI. No. 1 (Fall 2009)

Volume XI, No. 1                                                                                        Fall 2009



 Kim’s Dilemma and Ecological Reductionism for the Mind

Anoop Gupta


Ecpyrosis and Cosmos in Heraclitus

Theodoros Christidis


Paul Ricoeur: The Intersection Between Solitude and Connection

Kathleen O’Dwyer


Regularity Theory and Inductive Scepticism: The Fight Against Armstrong

Benjamin Smart


Inter Fidem et Rationem:
Discerning the Proper Intersection of Philosophical and Theological Methodologies in the Works of Nicholas Rescher and Joseph Ratzinger

Andrew M. Haines


Pacifism and Virtue Ethics

Rebecca Carhart


The Burden Faced by External Norms: A Response to Bartol

Colin Wysman

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